01Door mechanism from the ERGONĀ® Community series controls swing/slide movement of the leaf. Fitted with C-trim aluminium track with four guides and roller with six bearings to swing and slide perfectly.

02Hollow-core door with a finished thickness of 50 mm consisting of panel with honeycomb or HD polystyrene core, surrounded by a solid hardwood frame. The upper and lower rails are in marine-grade plywood treated with water-repellent paint. The panel is clad with 5 mm MDF with an HPL laminated plastic surface at least 0.9 mm thick. Protecting the vertical sides of the leaf is a thick aluminium profile fitted with special sealing brushes, which wraps around the leaf itself. The leaf edges are flush with the panel surface.

03In the twin-leafed model, a semi-fixed slave leaf offers identical structural features and has self-closing chain mechanisms or the patented Push&Go system for rapid release.

The secondary leaf is hung on the door casing via three concealed hinges.

04Casing consisting of laminated galvanised steel frame. This structural element is designed to screw into the wall masonry using six screws on each side covered by the special visible frame in laminated aluminium, coated steel or laminated stainless steel. An extra-thick aluminium profile serves as a shock absorber and joins the two frames, guaranteeing ease of maintenance and inspection.

05The special casing and panel have no protrusions or edges, but consist solely of smooth surfaces. These guarantee an attractive appearance and ease of cleaning.

06Handling accessories supplied: heavy-duty handle in aluminium, nylon with steel core or stainless steel. Key lock or vacant/engaged privacy unit.