Solidity comes firstresistant to intensive use

NORMAL Community is designed to cope with intensive use, bumps and water. It is therefore especially suited to public environments. The rounded or square metal trim is available in stainless steel, epoxy powder-coated steel or anodised or coated aluminium. The hollow-core leaf (50 mm thick) is surrounded by solid hardwood.
The upper and lower rails are made using marine-grade plywood treated with water-repellent paint.
The painted edges of the door leaf are protected by an aluminium extrusion which covers the edge itself. The leaf, with honeycomb core or high-density polystyrene filling, is clad with MDF panels (5 mm thick). The surface is finished in laminated plastic at least 0.9 mm thick. The exclusive system fastening the trim to the subframe prevents it from moving, even under a powerful impact.

Compliant with
the law
designed for community needs

Designed for public spaces, NORMAL Community meets all the health and safety requirements of Legislative Decree 81/08 and all the hygiene regulations. It guarantees a healthy environment and even mitigates noise pollution. The thickness and quality of the materials used guarantee a high level of soundproofing for the environment.

Simple in so
many versions
looks count

The clean lines are due partly to the use of concealed hinges. A wide range of colours and jamb types make NORMAL Community stylish and versatile. It can be installed in any setting.